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Emerging Construction Management Trends Due to COVID-19

Construction management has been forced to adapt throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Reports have found that the pandemic has accelerated the time it takes to adopt new construction management trends—which can typically take three years—to under a year. The following are trends that have emerged within construction management and will continue to prevail even after the pandemic subsides.

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology, such as smartwatches and smart construction helmets, is becoming more commonplace on construction sites. These devices can collect data that helps reduce safety threats on the job site, and they can monitor when workers are not social distancing and help with contact tracing. In addition, this technology allows managers to keep tabs on health and safety by tracking employee heart rate and pulse, and galvanic skin response, which is an indicator of heatstroke.

Remote Work and Mobile Access

With COVID-19 came the need for more remote work and mobile access to job sites. Remote and mobile applications in the construction industry became popular for communication, inspection and accountability at all stages of a project. These applications allow the workforce and management to efficiently communicate, minimizing delays and improving productivity.

Construction Management Software Solutions

It’s more important than ever for organizations to adopt innovative solutions that help them remain competitive amid the pandemic. Management software can be utilized to streamline project tasks, and digitize operations and processes that allow for increased efficiency. In the long term, the implementation of software will make the construction industry safer, cleaner and more efficient.

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