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Mitigate Risks With Technology

Construction Risk Insurance – The construction industry is a risky one. In fact, construction was ranked the deadliest industry in Canada in 2018 by the Association of Workers’ Compensation Boards of Canada. Furthermore, recent shortages of skilled workers threaten to increase construction risks.

Fortunately, new technological developments show promise for helping to mitigate the risks most commonly associated with construction. Sensors, wearables and artificial intelligence (AI) systems can gather and process previously unfathomable amounts of data. This data can then be used to reduce or completely eliminate construction hazards—even warning of an accident before it occurs.

Technology in Construction

In particular, the internet of things (IoT) shows great promise for protecting construction workers and job sites. IoT devices are those that connect to a shared network to collect, share and analyze data using AI. IoT-enabled devices can prove useful in several areas of construction, including the following:

  • Machine control—Automatically assess a job site and adjust heavy machinery to perfectly grade, pave, drill or pile large areas.
  • Site monitoring—Sensors placed around a job site can continually collect, share and analyze data including temperature, humidity, noise and vibration.
  • Fleet management—An IoT-enabled fleet can automatically report the location, speed, fuel consumption and maintenance requirements of all active vehicles.
  • Smart wearables—Wearable technology such as smart watches, glasses and helmets can monitor the status of individual workers to track who is working where, mark hazards and send real-time safety alerts across the job site.

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