Ontario Approves the Use of Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

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Ontario Approves the Use of Electronic Proof of Auto Insurance

Drivers in Ontario will now be able to provide electronic proof of auto insurance via a mobile device thanks to approval from the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario (FSRA), which occurred on Sept. 5, 2019.

Can I only use an electronic proof of insurance now?

The “pink card” proof of auto insurance is not being eliminated, allowing drivers to use the version that suits their preference. Additionally, for a one-year transition period, insurers who provide an electronic insurance card option must continue to provide the paper option at no additional cost.

Why did the FSRA approve the use of electronic proof of auto insurance?

The change will help reduce paper waste, as well as allow drivers to pick the insurance proof option that best suits their needs.

What’s next?

The law still requires that proof of auto insurance is located in the vehicle and accessible at all times.  Drivers who wish to keep an electronic proof of insurance must be able to provide it when requested despite poor cell service, a damaged screen or a drained battery. In addition, drivers must be sure to follow requirements for showing proof of  insurance outside of Ontario.

Insurance providers offering the electronic option must make the electronic proof of insurance compatible with phone lock screens to provide security for personal information.

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