Tippetpark – Kwinter Court

    Address: Tippett Park - 20 Monte Kwinter Court, Toronto, ON M3H 0E1
    Number of bedrooms in my unit:

    D.O.B. Co-applicant D.O.B. Relationship

    Expiry Date

    Has your property insurance been cancelled or refused (ie. non-payment or underwriting reasons) in the past 3 years?
    If yes, please indicate when and why

    Have you had any claims including water damage in the last 5 years?
    If yes, please indicate when and why

    Occupancy of Property   Are all occupants non-smokers?

    For a multi-policy discount, do you also have auto insurance?
    If yes, insurer name

    Contents Limit Required

    Additional coverages required (jewelry, watercraft, home business extension)

    Do you give consent for collection and use of a credit score?

    If you're financially responsible and have provided use for your credit score, you may see lower premiums.

    Note: Credit cards can only be charged annually.

    Method of Payment: Payment Schedule:

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